First Meeting

At our first meeting, I will ask some questions and talk a bit too and we will:

·         Identify what you want or need to change – in the areas of self care, work/college/home, or leisure & social

·         Set some goals and next steps to take

·         Agree a plan e.g next meeting

Location & Fees

One to one meetings can be at an office in Clontarf, in your own home location of your choice, or walking meetings, as many people find this helps them relax. We will agree this by email or over the phone when arranging a meeting.

Sessions can be arranged to suit you

·         Initial consultation: free (over the phone)

·         Session: €70 per meeting in person or by phone

·         Session duration: Typically, 45-50 minutes

·         Service use length: Depends on the goals of the individual

How does Occupational Therapy differ from Counselling/ Psychology

OT tends to focus on the present, where the client currently is and where the client wants to go in the future. Counselling tends to deal with what happened in a client’s past and how they can cope with it. Occupational Therapy is more of a ‘doing’ therapy than a talking therapy, so a typical session will be practical and action-focused.