Mental health support can support you to improve your quality of life by:

·         Helping you develop the skills to manage every day life

·         Managing anxiety, worry and stress more effectively

·         Enhancing communication skills

·         Helping you develop effective study skills to help with college demands

·         Understanding and developing a self-care toolkit to help you manage things in the long term

·         Helping identify and develop leisure interests and balanced routines

·         Promoting self-confidence and assertiveness

Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia and more!) Support can help you

·         Understand your condition(s)

·         Understand your strengths and how to use them in everyday life

·         Create structure and routine that enables you to move forward and meet your goals

·         Improve executive functioning – time management, planning, sequencing, goal setting, concentration, and managing hyperfocus

·         Improve emotional regulation and move from being reactive to responding in a planned way

·         Develop self-advocacy for workplace, college, family settings

I feel the various techniques we worked on for planning the week ahead, balancing work/social life and managing anxiety in work really enabled me to cope with my anxiety and reach my potential this year. I will continue to use these techniques over the coming year as they have really set me on the right track
— Jane

For whatever you choose to work on, the OT will work with you to:

— Set a goal to improve the situation

— Work together on some strategies try out

— Review how the strategies worked